Monday, January 31, 2011

Two complete . . just not good enough . . .

Today I made another attempt at the scallop hearts for my Valentine’s Day cards.  I was more successful today than I was the other day, however, it is clear that I still need more work in the process.  I think I like the size of my heart, but need to use smaller circles for my scallops.  I’m posting a picture of the two that I made this morning, and welcome any suggestions you might have for improvements.

I am enjoying the process of learning how to use the cartridges that I have and today I finally was able to get some of the correct colors so I can at least start working on the cuts for my granddaughters scrapbook. 


  1. Hi Kimberly,
    If you check the post on Jan. 26 has a tutorial on scalloped hearts that might help you. She hadn't done a video and it was jsut before CHA so it was a quickie, but maybe it could give you the pointers you need.
    If you haven't checked my blog, I'm at Love you to stop by sometime.

  2. Sorry just checked again and it The other is the name I carry for it in my head ;- )

  3. Thanks Debbie, I visit her blog often and enjoy the many inspirations I find there.


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