Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pop-Up Get Well Card

Today I made my very first Pop-up card. There is a sweet little 8 month old who has a nasty form of Cancer, so this card is for him. I hope it brightens up his day just a little bit.

For this card, I used the Paper Dolls Cricut Cartridge and my SCAL Application to create the letters, weld them, and create the shadow.

For the front of the card I created the dragon behind a wall. I had every intention of adding the cute little comment “I heard you were (drag)on today and needed a pick me up”, however, I created the dragon to large and I did not have room for words. With no room for words, I decided I needed to add something in the top corner, so I used my SCAL app and created a sun. I then used the Paper Dolls cart and created just the head of the doll. I then carefully cut off his ears and glued the head to the sun. I completed the sun and the dragon by adding google eyes to both the sun and the dragon. I wanted to add yellow bling in the holes of the dragon, but decided against it because it was for a little guy. I did not want to create that choking hazard, (it is bad enough I added the eyes).

I moved to the inside of the card, where I first created the little doctor. He is created at 4.5” and glued to the flap to create the pop-up. I will be honest here, I had no idea how to make the pop up so I did some research on the net and found this site - I knew I would find something here, as she always has the best information on her blog. It was very easy to follow as well.

I trimmed the sides of the insert a little more, because I wanted a little bit of the card to show as well. Once I created the insert, I glued the happy little doctor to the 1” flap so he would pop up when the card was opened.

The letters and the shadow behind the letters took me the longest time to create. I had the worst time getting the letters the weld and still look correct so you could read them. I either had them to close or too far away. The double L’s at the end of well caused me problems. This is when I decided I needed to change the height of some of the letters. This is when they began to take shape. The shadow was really pretty easy as well.

This card was a lot of fun to create, I hope the little guy finds enjoyment in with it.

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