Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kari's Purlie's Design Team


Welcome to my first posting for Kari’s Purplie’s Design Team. I am very excited to be a part of this design team with some wonderful ladies who have some amazing crafting skills.

For my first project, I chose to do a framed flower piece. This project is made from all materials that I have in my craft room. The frame is made lumber from my dear hubby’s stash and he very kindly made the frame for me. Then added the light varnish so it would shine.

I used a simple foam backboard to create the purple flowing background. The idea behind the foam board was to create a free flowing river like background. We used watercolor paints and painted the board, and then we took a sponge to create the swirly motions to create the water look. I am not sure we totally created the look we were going for, but I still like it.

Drama Free Zone is something we would all like to have. What started out as a joke ended up being a wonderful framed project for me. After the background was painted and dry, I cut and added the letters. I cannot tell you what the paper is that I used for the letters (I got the paper from my sister in law). I can tell you it is a nice thick paper, with a wonderful purple design throughout, which is just what I needed for this project. I created the letters in my Sure Cuts A Lot application and had to cut the small letters twice because the first go around, I made them too thin and there was not enough to glue to my board. *sigh*

Once I got the letters cut and glued on, it was time for the hardest task of the whole project. The flowers. I will openly admit, I am not, by any means an expert flower maker, I am just in the learning stages. So I turned to my sister in law for help. She willing helped and provided me with some great tips. I made six flowers, three for the top and three for the bottom. I took those six flowers and surrounded them with some silk flowers, silk leaves, and some other paper flowers that I had in my embellishment stash. The end result turned out quite nice!

Thank you for taking a look at my project. Please make sure you look at my sister design team projects as well. You can do so by returning to Purple Funtastic Creations


  1. Of course you sneaked enough purple in to please Kari ! LOL Super project and a great wall hanging for your craft room!

  2. Absolutely stunning!!!! What a fabulous project!
    Hugs, Love, and Pixie Dust

  3. Lol:D beautiful idea in a beautiful frame :D XXX


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