Friday, January 6, 2012

Scrappy EMT Design Team Introduction

Welcome to the Scrappy EMT blog hop to introduce the brand new design team. I am honored to be a part of this Design Team and look forward to learning from my Teammates and displaying some of the new techniques I learn from them as well as showcasing my own talents for them.

Below is my project. Please make sure you stop at each blog and offer some “Blog Love” I look forward to your comments and as always, I would be honored to have you join my own blog and follow me and help me grow as a paper crafter. If you desire to start at the beginning, you can go to Marleen’s Blog by clicking on her name.

This is my first blog posting for the ScrappyEMT Design Team. Today I want to showcase my new “favorite” Cricut Cartridge, Flower Shoppe. I am really enjoying all the beautiful flowers that can be made with this cartridge. I could spend days on end just making these flowers.

For this hop, I wanted to take a few steps out of my comfort zone and make something I have never made before. Therefore, I took an idea for another group I belong to and used it for my first design team project.

The challenge was to use a motivational word and a color to make something. I drew purple and achieve. As a professor, I can sure understand the need to achieve and help my students achieve. So that single word brought a lot of ideas to mind.

I used my Sure Cuts A Lot application to make and cut the large capital letter A in both chip board and a floral piece of purple paper. I only have a couple of font cartridges and I was not pleased with any of them for this project.

After I secured the paper to the chipboard, I used a string of tiny pearls to outline the border of my letter. (an idea I scrap lifted off a posting I saw on Facebook). What I thought was going to be a very easy process turned out to be an aggravating process. I did not want to use the hot glue gun on the pearls because I did not want the bead of glue to show around the pearls. As such, I used a super tacky glue. Unfortunately, the glue was not so fast drying. When I tried to string the pearls, the string would slide on me, so, I ended up digging out the wooden clothespins to help hold my pears in place.

Once the pearls had totally dried, I then began to add my flowers. Again, I wanted something different, so I skipped the leaves and used feathers instead. I was not sure how it would look, but after I did the first one, I really liked it. I added three different flowers on the letter, each on a little bit different in design and color.

Because the letter A is for Achieve, I also added a small pocket to the lower portion of the A where I can add a small pull out card where I will write goals that I am working on at the time. Such as when my next design team project is due, or what I need to accomplish in the next week or so. I made the pocket large enough that I will be able to add multiple cards. To help coordinate with the colors, I used two colors of embroidery floss to create a tassel for the cards.

I finished off the letter by adding a hanging cord at the top, using the same colors of thread used for the achievement cards, I twisted, looped, and hot glued it to the back of the letter.

I like what I have created here, and I am thinking about creating other motivational letters to add to this one. They will all hang in my craft room.

Thank you for stopping by my blog today, remember to continue on with the blog hop and go to Audrey’s blog next by clicking here. The complete lineup can be found below.

Thanks for sharing in the fun!


  1. Love it and thank you for being a part of the design team... I am so happy to have each one of you with me on this new adventure...

  2. I love how it turned out! Great colors, love the flowers and feathers!! Christina

  3. I love this!!! Very pretty!


  4. Very creative and pretty! You will enjoy having this hanging on your craft wall...:)


  5. Absolutely stunning and I agree that the feathers are beautiful for leaves!!!
    Hugs and Love,


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