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Welcome to my project

Thank you for stopping by my blog today to read about my tiny miracle.  In 1983 my son was born.  What we had hoped would be a big healthy baby, turned out to be a big healthy baby with a few problems. 

My son was born two days late after three days of being in labor.  Because my son was so large, it caused serious complications during birth.   I ended up having an emergency C-section, but not until the damage had already been done.  When the doctor told me I was going to have a c-section, he told me that my baby’s heart had slowed, his lungs were in danger, and he was stuck.  They had tried using forceps, and he was still stuck.

So right then, in the delivery room the doctors did an emergency c-section.  I was waken several hours later by a team of nurses and doctors who were all telling me they were taking my son to another state by ambulance and I was not allowed to go because of my surgery.  The doctor told me my son had some problems with his lungs, but more importantly, they had fractured his skull in delivery.  Thankfully, I found out a few days later is was not bad because babies heads are so soft.  

He spent a week in NICU.  I have very few pictures of him in this first week of his life because I was not there. I was not even allowed to travel to go get him because of the surgery.  He was a week old before I finally got to hold my new son.

Now… almost 30 years later, my son, who had a rough start in his life has a beautiful daughter of his own.  My son, and his wife had a beautiful daughter in December of 2010.  She is now a little over a year old and just the cutest thing.  However, this little angel was born a month early and was spent just shy of a week in the hospital herself. While she too had a rough start in life, she is a very healthy and active young lady.  

Because there have been two beautiful miracles, I decided to highlight both my son and my granddaughter.  I split my page in half, the top half done in a baby blue and the bottom in a baby pink.  I am not a person who does a lot of embellishments on my scrapbook pages because they do not fit into the scrapbook page.  I am still toying with the idea of what type of words to add that work for both births.  I have tried several and none of them really worked for what I thought I wanted.  So, for now, I have just the two pictures and a few embellishments. 

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  1. God is so good! I didn't get to hold my daughter either for a couple of months! Back in 74, the medical field for babies was not what is today. God is so good and thankfully your son was healed and your daughter is doing well. God bless you both. thanks for sharing. Janet Royer

  2. Wonderful story Kimberly. PS- you forgot the pictures. :)

  3. what a wonderful Miracle !!!! TFS!!!


  4. wonderful miracles.. thank you for sharing ...

  5. What a great story, I'd like to see your picture :)

  6. determination to live.. I am so happy that are both fighters!! thanks for sharing

  7. Love your story and How awesome is it that your son now 30 brought in this world a Granddaughter! Wow what a great Story and I too would love to see your layout!

  8. Thank you for sharing a great story! :) And a wonderful project!

  9. What a great story. I can't wait to see your layout. :)

  10. 2 mircles! Wonderful! You are blessed. I'd liked to have seen your layout of what you have finished. Maybe the name of it should be called My blessings. Thank you for sharing. Edwina Brown

  11. So very sweet! Love your story! TFS CallyAnn

  12. What a wonderful way to celebrate the 2 miracle babies in your life! :) TFS!

    maria_m_nestor (at)

  13. wow. sounds like the roughness is running in the family. so glad both are healthy and great now.

    craftingwithblue at gmail dot com

  14. Would love to see what you have so far!! God did bless you 2 times, God is Great!!

    Hug's and Happy Craftin :)
    Ildi-Getting Cricky SrDTM
    The Craftin Mama
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  15. Amazing 2 awesome miricals could love to see the layout. TFS your story. I know I would have been devastated if I had to be separated from my daughter after she was born!!!Big Blog Hugs, Janet

  16. Thank you for sharing your two amazing stories! I think your page will be perfect when its done ;)

  17. can't wait to see your projects! thanks for sharing your story

  18. What an incredible story. You are so blessed.



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