Sunday, July 15, 2012

Inked ~ AKA Tattoos

Welcome to INKED -- I love the artwork that is being used in tattoos and its amazing how many people are getting tattoos now-a-days and its not just for bikers or marines anymore! This hop then is dedicated to the beautiful artwork whether you have a tattoo or not . . .

Lynne Kirsch stated, she got her first tattoo in 2000 and its of Winnie the Pooh floating upwards with 3 balloons on her upper thigh. She now wants to get another tattoo and hopefully it will be this year of angel wings with a quilt square in the center with her little angel's name above the wings.

We all get tattoos for various reasons. Lynne stated she has noticed that women with breast cancer that have their breast removed are now a large group getting tattoos. "When my lump was first found and of course with all the concern -- I thought and still feel that if and when my breast would be removed, I want to have a glorious tattoo of a peacock"!!!!

The art of tattoo can be anything as simple as a name or as beutiful as a peacock and there is always a story behind a tattoo.

This blog hop is dedicated to the stories and the artwork behind a tattoo. If you happen to visit today at my blop, I appreciate the visit but I would love for you to appreciate all the wonderful projects that are being displayed today and would want you to stop at the first inking with Lynne at If you arrived from visiting then you are on the right artful path of inking!!!!

We are very blessed and fortunate to have Daisy Collins of I Love Sketches by Tsunami Rose for $10 of merchandise in her zibbet store (

This is my husbands tattoo - - The dragon is a key figure in Norse and Scottish mythology.  Being of both Norwegian and Scottish ancestry the dragon was a great way to link both heritages together.  He would eventually like to get a mirror image on the left shoulder with Thor’s hammer separating the two.

Here is my tattoo ~ a small pink rose. The only inspiration for my tattoo is I love pink roses. Lame - maybe, but truthful! The tattoo is on my right hip. I have a desire to get another tattoo, but I want it to be the M&M characters.

Your next stop along the path of inkin is Anita

Thanks for stopping today and visiting our tribute to inking with the glorious artwork behind tattoos!

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  1. Such a cute tattoo!!

    And your hubby's is awesome!

  2. Beautiful tattoo's!!!!!! Gorgeous inking!!! As always, a pleasure hopping with you my dear friend!!!
    Hugs, Love, and Pixie Dust
    Her Craftiness

  3. So cute!!! Both tattoos are awesome!! M&M's huh?!? Love it!! ;)

  4. awesome looking dragon. i love the softness of the flower. im up for the m&m. yumm

  5. Gorgeous. Nothing wrong with eternal beauty. TFS.


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