Friday, November 23, 2012

Tree of Life ~ I Double Dog Dare You Blog Challenge

Welcome to an inventive, creative group called "I Double Dog Dare You"

This group is given a challenge each month to create a project in whatever medium they so desire to express the subject!!!

This month, the group has been asked to create this .... It's November, time for all those family gatherings... time for family, time for Thanksgiving .... Time for Generations to be spending time together... Let's see your generations, family gatherings, family tree, --- and you have been double-dog dared!!!!

This month, those taking the challenge are:

Lynne Kirsch ~
Kimberly Pate ~
Lisa Peters ~
Anita Cannon ~
Janet Smith ~

This month challenge has intrigued me since the beginning.  And to be down right honest with you, I put it on the back burner when it was announced and plain forgot about it until a few days ago.  So now, yes, I am scrambling to get it finished.  Sadly, at the 9th hour, I am not yet done with it, but it is looking just fabulous.

While i had ideas floating in my head, at my tired state of mind, I asked a friend for some inspiration.  Not only did she inspire me, she also helped me find the great tree with the curly branches.  Thanks Amanda!!!!      

I love this curly tree and it works perfectly to hold the beautiful little picture frames I got from my sister in law.  The little frames will hang perfectly from the branches with bright tiny bows of ribbon.  What challenges me the most is what do I want for a title?  Adding Family Tree seems to simplistic to me for the fancy curly branches.

While the project is not fully completed yet, I do need to add more little frames to depict my correct family of 6 siblings (3 girls, 3 boys)  however, this is what I had available at the time.

As I complete this "Tree of Life" (I think I just found my title) I will add some butterflies and other embellishments in and around the pictures to represent my family.  I think I will also be adding some grasses around the bottom of the tree as well.

You sort of have to use your imagination  to see whee I am going with this, but in the end, I think I am really going to enjoy the final results.

Your next stop along the Generation gap is Lisa. We hope you enjoyed our challenge and perhaps, you too would love to be "double dog dared"

Thank you for stopping by today! I look forward to your comments.


  1. great project Kimberly!!! TFS.. :)

  2. Kimberly what a gorgeous layout in progress I love the tree and the background paper is beautiful! ai hope you will share the completed project!
    Big Blog Hugs, Janet

  3. I can tell it's going to be very pretty and I'm looking forward to seeing the end product.

  4. I think this project is going to turn out to be adorable! Thanks so much for sharing your idea and inspiration!

  5. What a super great idea and project!!! I love the little frames and your swirly tree!!! I can't wait until I see the finished product!!!!! It is always a pleasure hopping with you my dear friend!
    Much Love, Hugs, and Friendship!!!


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