Sunday, October 27, 2013

My First Attempt With Etching

I am in to trying new things this past week.  First my vinyl chargers and now I am working with Etchall. 

I met a lady at CHA who was willing to send anyone who wanted it a free sample of etchall.  No strings attached.  When I visit with her I told her I had never etched so I was not comfortable asking for a free sample.  She told me it did not matter, she was looking for crafter at all levels.  If I didn't try it how would I know how it worked, or if I like to work with it.  Sounds about right eh?  So I agreed to let her send me a sample and I would play with it. 

That was in mid July . . . this past week, I received a package by UPS from her.  I honestly thought she has changed her mind and decided not to waste her samples.  In today's economy, I was fine with that decision.  I was shocked when I open my package and found more than just a sample of the product.    I received the 4 ounce etching crème, the 4 ounce dip n' etch liquid, the picking tool, a scrapping tool, a hummingbird pattern and a small mirror. 
It took me a few days to get brave enough to try it, but once I did, I have a new love.  

Simple, yes, but when I try out something new, I like my project to be simple, to ensure I am not discourage with the outcome.  Really though, there was not a lot I could have done to mess up this project.  It was that easy.   The biggest key is getting the etching crème laid out evenly over the pattern.  I believe this is why I have some darker spots in my design.

I remembered to take just two pictures of my process. 

The etching crème over the top of my pattern.


The finished project
Now, my next project is the etching liquid.  I first have to find a bowl that I can pour the etching liquid in because I have a bigger glass flower bowl I want to etch. 
Have you worked with etchall?  What were your results?
Thanks for taking time to look. 


  1. That is very cool. My mom used a product like this years ago to make a beautiful plate glass piece with Mary and baby Jesus on it for my daughter when she was very young. While fascinated with the process, I myself have never tried it. May have to take another look. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Pretty project. I have to say, etching is one thing I have not tried...TFS from BIF


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