Sunday, June 29, 2014

Happiness Through Doors Left Open

Good Morning, just a quick posting for you today. 

You know me, you know I like simple and elegant.  I have both with this quick and easy card.  

What do you do when you run out of your favorite ribbon?  You improvise of course.  Normally my cards all are adorned with Three Girl Jam ribbon, but when I went to my stash, I did not have any ivory.  How could this be, how could I run out of one of staple ribbon colors?  Would my wonderful Pinque Peacock Nanna's Pillowcase button even look good sitting on a bow of just plain ribbon?  *gasp*  I think not, but it will have to do. Adding one of favorite Pinque Peacock stick pins was just out of the question with this ribbon.  Oh the shame. . . 8^(

I completed my card by adding some small ivory pearls around parts of the embossed design and a nice sentiment.  I will be sending this card to a friend, and I thought this was the perfect sentiment to help brighten her day. 

Thanks for stopping in today.  Be sure to check out the Pinque Peacock store, I know you will find a lot of wonderful products. 


  1. Love this card, the ssentiment is FABULOUS..I know I NEED that stamp.., the embossing is gorgeous and the fabric button goes so beautifully with the card

  2. This is gorgeous. I love the embossing on it.

  3. Oh so pretty, love the ribbon with the fabric covered button. I'm always a sucker for embossing too!!

  4. Love this! So adorable... this is one of my favorite fabric options!!! :D


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