Saturday, February 11, 2017

Cuddlly Cute Designs ~ Valentine Mailbox and Slider Card

Today I have a few projects to share with you. First I have a fun Valentine's Day Mailbox. This thing is huge. Much bigger than what I was expecting it to be. Therefore, it was more of a challenge to decorate than what I was expecting. I am still not so sure I am please with the outcome.  Mostly because I did not know what I wanted to begin with.  A bigger box, not having a plan of action, means uncertainty.  I do know, that with a larger than expected mailbox, I had to make my little cupid bears bigger than I normally would. They still turned out cute thou, I think! 

I added some layered hearts, and then some hearts hidden behind the rolled roses. I used tooth picks to put the hearts behind the roses. The added ribbons to help hide the toothpicks. I am still undecided if I like the look or not. I guess I can always make changes if it doesn't grow on me.  

How cute are these Valentine Cupid Bears (Cupid Cuties File) done up in Care Bear purple hearts. The poor little cupid with his bow and arrow looks like he is scared to death. My friend says, his is a cupid in training. Worried about where that arrow might land. 

The other project I have is a fun card! This is a slider card. I made it a little big bigger than the pattern suggested because I wanted the Cupid to be big enough to really enjoy. I was amazed at just how easy this card was to make. It is one that I will be making again.  The design is a Lori Whitlock card I picked up in the Silhouette Store. She also has a great tutorial in YouTube.  

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