Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lincoln Stars Scrapbook Page

This evening I finally got started on my autograph scrapbook for the USHL Hockey Team my family goes to watch. The Lincoln Stars.
I spent a couple of hours trying to recreate their Logo (I wanted to cut it on my Cricut) so I could use it in my scrapbook. However, after several hours, and multiple failed attempts, I gave up and decided I just needed to get started with the rest of the book. After all, I have 27+ more pages to complete.

 This is not going to be an elaborate scrapbook for several reasons.  First, since I am just getting started, I do not have a lot of cartridges to do things with and I want it to be just a few of the pictures that I have taken throughout the season.  I have eight more home games before I need to have the book completed.  Several of the players I still need to photograph.
I want to book to be durable, for this reason, I am using poster board as my backing. Rather than put the pages in protective sleeves, I plan to use a star punch to add three holes in the left margin, where I will then string fabric hockey ribbon to hold the scrapbook together. This is the ribbon I plan to purchase for that that task.  There are 23 players, 3 coaches, 1 trainer, and 1 mascot. Each page will have the players name cut out in Cursive 101, (1” and welded) and a star with his jersey number cut out of the center of the star.  I made this cut with an SVG app.
In addition to the pictures, some of the players have earned player honors. For these players, I will add a journaling area where I will add these honors. For “doc” the page you see above, I will need to include a full page, because, yes, he is just that good.  
One down, twenty-seven plus more to go.  J

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  1. Hi Kimberly,

    It's looking good. Probably feels good to finally get started. Have you thought about matting the photos, to help them stand out? Just and idea. Your welding looks great. love the action shot too!


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