Saturday, February 12, 2011

My First Valentine’s Day Card

Happy Saturday afternoon to everyone!
When I was in art classes in high school, my art teacher always told us to “think outside the box” which is what I tried to do when trying to create my first real card.  I made this card to send to my mom and dad for Valentine’s Day. I just have to figure out how to mail it because of the ribbon roses. 
This card was really very easy to make, even if it did take me multiple attempts to get it to fit just right on the cutting mat.  I always managed to get it to far one way or another and it would cut of part of my heart. Or I would not get the two hearts close enough to weld them properly and they would come out as two different hearts.
I downloaded the SureCuts application and simply used the pre-installed shapes and flourishes to make these cuts. I then took some beige colored ribbon roses that I had and glued them in the middle of each cut out heart. Then I simply added some bling to give the outside a little bit of sparkle.
Plain yes, but a rookie has to start somewhere right.

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  1. Love, Love this card. I've never seen that before. I will definitely scraplift this from you:.)


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