Saturday, February 19, 2011

More Scrapbook Pages

Below are more pictures of scrapbook pages I am doing for my granddaughter’s scrapbook.  They have a Pooh theme going for their nursery so I am trying to stick with that for many of the pages.  Of course, at this point, these are two of the five cartridges that I own.

This first picture is from the delivery room, and the recovery room right before they brought mommy and baby back to the room for all of us to see.  While it is hard to see, I used a pink and white background paper on the left half of the page, and then added pink and yellow pastel blocks, and a little pink dress and a flower.

This next page comes from the delivery room right after birth.  There is daddy cutting the cord, and then the doctor hold baby Alivia up in front of the scales to show her weight.  I also added a journaling area for mommy (from a smaller portion of the with the pink embossed flower paper)to add any notes she may want to add, just a birth weight and height.  
I completed this page by simply adding a pink plaid background, followed by a pink paper with some glittery embossed flowers.  I also added an "It's a girl" and a "Love" embellishment to the page. 

This final page is the first page of Alivia’s scrapbook.  I added a picture of the baby sleeping and a cut of Pooh Bear sleeping in the bottom  corner.  I added an rectangular flourish on the top where I used my Cri-Kit Pens to write her name.  I then finished off the page by adding some bling around her name.

I know the pages are not perfect, but each day I improve with the process.  Each day I gather new and better ideas. Now, I just need to get more and more cartridges, and supplies.
Thanks all for your comments and suggestions.   


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  1. These are very sweet and lovely pages, Kimberly. What a great thing to do for your family. Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. I love to see your pages coming along, so I can absorb the inspiration for when I'm ready to scrapbook, though I'll have to do boy pages ;- )


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