Thursday, June 9, 2011

Smokin' Hot Dad

Here is a Father’s Day Card I recently made.  My husband bought me this cool new Cook Out Cartridge which I think will be great for many things, not just Father’s Day. It just happens to be close to Father’s Day so I made a Smokin’ Hot Dad card.   

There are some intricate cuts on this card, and I had to do some of them twice because I ripped them the first go around. I’m still learning how to adjust the speeds and settings of the machine to keep this from happening.

I had to really work on the welding of the words.  I would either get them to close and they would not look right when cut, or I would get them to far and they were not welded properly.  Again, I am still learning how to master the machine and the software I use to create some of the  designs.  

Like my other cards and some to follow.  They are simplistic, but effective.

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