Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wedding Card

Our son recently got married in a civil ceremony, just the two of them.  We found out about the wedding this week and I wanted to make sure the event did not go unnoticed by us. As such I made a quick card to send them.  As you can tell by this card and others that I have posted, (or will post soon) I like the look of simplicity with a little bit of bling. 

When I created this card, I wanted it to be simple and because the couple are not a flashy couple, I want to avoid the traditional wedding look to the card so I avoided the silvers and grays you normally see.

The front of the card is made with two pieces of contrasting blue from a design off the Wedding Cartridge. I like the look of the postage stamp, but did not like the look of the bold blue poking thru the letters, so I added a piece of vellum between the layers, giving the appeal of a little bit of lace.  Of course, I thought it needed a little bit of bling, so I started off with just one teardrop in each corner but added a trio because I thought it looked better.  I saw this on a blog article I read today and really like how it turned out.

I did not want a plain black inside, simply because it would make it impossible to write a note to the happy couple. So I used my ek edge punch to add a fancy border around the contrasting blue I used on the front of the card.  I like how the look turned out.

Simple yes, but effective.  Congratulations to the happy couple.

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  1. Smart layering it really shows off the the papers. Plus I live that color of nail polish your wearing!! :)


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