Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year ~ Welcome 2012

Here is my final posting for the 2011 year. For this final posting, I wanted to share with you the fun happy penguins I have made using a pattern from Paper Piecings by Nikki found here.  I know Nikki have been working really hard the last week on adding new patterns to the store. I sure hope you take some time to take a look and grab up some of her great patterns. Her cute bears are so hard to pass up.  I don't know which one I want to work with next.

So here are the penguins…. They are just happy and adorable don’t you think?

First, I made a tag to tie around the neck of a bottle of wine or champagne you take to a New Year’s party. The tag will be a nice keepsake for the hostess. I used the “You crack me up” pattern, which you can find here.  The back of the tag is plain so you can add a cheerful message of your own.  The paper I used if glittery (is that a word) to make it look frosty.

 However, I did not stop with just a tag for the bottle, I made tags for your wine glasses as well. How many times have you gone to a party and you had problems remembering which drink glass was yours. You are sitting around a table playing cards, or a board game and grab for a glass and there are two or three sitting there. I think we have all been there at least once, right? With these cute tags, you will no longer have to guess, your tag, designed with different colors will make it easy to grab the right glass on a table full of glasses. This tag is a sample of course, when I present these tags to a hostess, I will use small ball chains that allow the hostess to take the tags on and off with ease.  Additionally, it will keep the tag from falling under the stem of the glass and creating a spill hazard.  The tags could also be laminated for long lasting enjoyment.  I believe this tag also might need to be made a bit smaller for the same reason. 

I also made a wrap for a wine or champagne bottle. Sometimes, you want something more than just a tag tied around the neck of a bottle, and here is the perfect fit. For this wrap, I used the penguins from the “You Crack Me UP” pattern set, while the bear and champagne glass came from the “Happy New Year 2012” pattern set. Both sets are found at the link provided above. However, I wanted to bling it up a bit so I added gems to the crown of the little bear and I used Martha Stewart glitter on my ice berg to make it sparkle. I did not totaly glue down any of the pieces to allow for the roll of the paper around the bottle and to give a little bit of a deminsional look.   

 I hope you enjoyed the designs. Thank you as always for stopping by and taking a look. Have a wonderful 2012

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