Sunday, February 17, 2013

Violet Valentine from Sherri Baldy Stamps

Good Morning,

Today I decided to try something new.  This is my first time of making a Step card, and I am not yet sure that I like what I have done.

I used this adorable digi Violet Valentine from Sherri Baldy Stamps, which can be found in the store here.

I know, you are saying, why did she not color the hearts.  Well, that is because they are not true valentine hearts until they have been shared with a loved one, so until they are shared, they stay white.  She is loading up her love bag to go share the love.

I also added a small stick pin behind the roses, embellished with two small white pearls and a tiny "love" charm.

I did however realize that as I am typing this out, I did forget to color in her skin tone.  :'( once she has been glued on the card, I am not sure I am comfortable adding additions of color.  However, I might.

I am also contemplating adding some additional roses at the top of the card, thou, I am not sure how that would look.  I may play a little more with the card and the flowers.

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  1. Kim, I love the card and thanks for sharing the story about why the hearts remain white until given away. CUTE! I'm a new follower of your amazing blog and so happy to be a DT sister with you. I'm looking forward to learning a lot from you!


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