Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My First Attempt With Vinyl

Are you ever afraid to start a project for fear you might just mess it up? Or afraid it won't turn out like you envisioned it in your head?  This project was like that for me from start to finish.  As nervous as I was to get started, I really like how it turned out.

A Friend told me about the cool little store here called The Wood Connection. You can shop for so many wonderful bare wooden cuts that you embellish your way.  The prices are pretty decent too, which is a plus!!! The selections are plentiful so take your time to look at everything they have before you make your selection.

While I have done covered frames, the cuts are fast and easy to make. Always just a straight edge and sometimes a rounded corner.   So yes, I don't mind saying I was a little uneasy to cover my wooden letters.   But I did it!  Slowly and one by one. 

To cover my letters, I used the Doodlebug Deisgns Inc Tuxedo Assortment. For the vinyl letters, I used a White Oracal 651 Vinyl.

First, here is a close up of each letter. 

And here is the finished project. 

Is it wrong to say, I really love how this turned out?!?!?!?

Thanks for stopping by today, I would love to hear your comments. 


  1. Very pretty!! Congratulations on your first project. I love the colors.

  2. LOVE IT You did an amazing job :)

  3. Ok I tried to post, but guess it didnt take :) Love it :) Great Job :)

  4. Kimberly you did awesome!!! I love the colors and designs... You look like a pro to me :))

  5. Wonderful project!! You need to teach me how! :)

  6. Beautiful project, I am getting hooked using vinyl too.

    Joanna BIF

  7. Fabulous, looks really good.

    Moira xx

  8. Good job! Looks great! Thanks for sharing!


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