Monday, January 24, 2011

One of my first attempts at using my Cricut

I have a new granddaughter, born on December 12th.  Mommy and Daddy have decorated her room in Pooh Bear so Gramma decided she would make a scrapbook for the new baby using Pooh Bear as well.  Two of the first cartridges I bought for my new Cricut cutter were the Pooh and Friends and the Pooh Font Set.

Before I delve into the start of the scrapbook, I thought I should learn how to use the machine and the many settings it takes to create the intricate little Pooh characters.   I was quite surprised at some of the tiny detailing included, and how easily this machine cuts these tiny pieces.

Below is the design I created for practice for our granddaughter’s scrapbook. I learned a valuable lesson while practicing with this piece. 

I first tried to create the pieces using regular colored paper.  While yes, this did work, I found that I had a great deal of uneven cuts and the designs just did not look good. So I did the unthinkable . . .

I did not have the correct colors of card stock to create my design, so I opened up my Adobe Photoshop CS4 and I created the colors I needed. Printed them out on my HP Printer, and set about cutting and gluing.  While this is not a practice I recommend, it did allow me to create a design and help me understand the steps and processes necessary to create on small item for the scrapbook.

Now that I know what to do, how to do it, I can get started with the scrapbooks.  One for my granddaughter, one for the recent trip my hubby and I just took, and one for the local hockey team we follow.

Oh, this should be fun for sure.

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