Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Unsuccessful Day . . .

I was unsuccessful in my double line welding today.  I am disappointed that I could not make it work as I thought it would.  I only wasted about three sheets of paper before I decided I needed to see if I could find additional tutorials to see what I was doing incorrectly.  Part of my problem I believe is I do not have the best fonts to be making sentimental cards or words for scrapbooking.  I have the Georges font and shapes that came with my Cricut, and I have the Pooh Font.  Neither ring romance nor excitement for what I was trying to do today.  So until I view more tutorials, and get additional font cartridges, I am setting aside the double line welding for a few days.
Tomorrow I am going to begin working on the scrap book from our holiday cruise.  My husband and I took a 9 day Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Dream.  This is a beautiful ship where we had a great time and took a great deal of photographs.  I need to weed through them and start adding them into the scrapbook.
My day maybe was unproductive in terms of learning to weld multiple lines, but I did learn quite a bit about my Cricut and Design Studio.  Payday is right around the corner where I hope I will be able to add some supplies to my craft room.  I need the beads, ribbons, gems and more to decorate my cards and Layouts.
More practicing sessions tomorrow after I grade of course.  J

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  1. Hi Kimberly,
    I'm new to blogging, but I've had my Cricut, Design Studio and Gyspsy for awhile now. I just don't get as much time to play as I want and that's why I titled my blog in part Beginner Cards, because there are so many people out there soooo far ahead of me in technique. Anyway, when I first started someone recommended the font cartridge Opposite Attract because of the 2 types of font, I however have come to like Lyrical Letters, which has a serif second font and some nice word art too. Another option is to get something like Sure Cuts A lot or Making The Cut which are third party software companies (violating your warranty), but are used by many Cricut owners. They both have trials available for free. They enable you to use any (within reason of size and delicacy of cut) font on your computer as a cutable font on your Cricut and you can cut SVG files (which are images) too. There are many free svgs and fonts free on the web. Just a few thing to think about. Give my blog a look if you'd like I'd be happy to answer any questions.


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