Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wedding Card

First let me say that I hope everyone have a wonderful thanksgiving, and spent time with family and friends. If you ventured out for the craziness of “Black Friday” I hope it was worth your efforts and you stayed safe from the insane shoppers hunting the perfect bargain.

I am simplistic person when it comes to making my cards. I have not yet ventured out into the more elaborate or embellished cards. I have a whole stock of them that I have saved and some day want to try making. However, I have only been a card maker for a little less than a year and I must take baby steps in order to get there.

This week I made a wedding card for our son and his new wife. I love the white on white embellished look with the classy pearls on the top heart for the bride and the little bow tie on the bottom heart for the groom. The embossed hearts are lifted off the embossed background with pop-dots. Where would we be without our dimension? I honestly think I use them on everything I do. I need to buy stock in the company! ~:^)

I wish I could tell you what the names of the embossing folders were that I used, but silly me through the packaging away without archiving the name. Now, I will need to go look up the folders (on the internet) and add a name to them. That would give me the opportunity to organize them better anyway.

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  1. I love your wedding card. This is so simple but beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing your creation.


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